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Rendering of single legal services
Sole proprietors
Small business owners
Directors of commercial companies
Founders of non-profit organizations
We provide
the following legal services:
  • Registration of LLP as a small business entity via electronic digital signature
  • Registration of LLP tax regime selection
  • Establishment of legal entities in the form of JSC, non-governmental organizations, production cooperatives, apartment owners' cooperatives, etc.
  • VAT registration at statistical authorities
  • Account opening in regulated banks
  • Takeover and merger of companies
  • Reincorporation of a legal entity, registration of branches and representative offices
  • Making amendments in constituent documents
  • Transaction support on the alienation of the authorized capital, on the purchase or sale of real estate
  • Formation of the Constituent Agreement
  • Preparation of applications, inquiries to the relevant state bodies
  • Contract development (including due to the profitability of conditions, choosing the optimal transaction scheme), drawing up a statement of disagreements
  • Preparation of a package of documents on personnel issues in accordance with the requirements of applicable law
  • Letter of claim
  • Legal expertise of documents (including recommendations on modification of conditions, provisions of a document, analysis of possible legal consequences, etc.)
  • Preparation of documents required for legally-acceptable of transaction processing
  • Negotiation with counterparty
  • Development of contracts, agreements or analysis of a contract (offer) submitted by counterparties and upholding of the Client's interests in this process
  • Transaction legal support until the parties fulfill their obligations under the transaction
  • Advising the Client on legal issues and questions arising from the contract work process in the Client
  • Upholding of interests in state, law enforcement bodies and courts, on claims not exceeding 10,000,000 tenge from claims made by either party
  • Providing with legal analyzes and evaluations of the projects
  • Verbal consultations  
by concluding an agreement on legal
services with the Legal Standard